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Business Services

Our guiding principles are quality service and a professional attitude towards customers.

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Business services

One of the basic tasks is also to take care of employees by providing a pleasant working environment and social security.

Like any company, we have short, medium and long term goals that we pursue. One of the most important goals of KLEM Constructing:

  • satisfaction of our customers
  • job guarantee
  • long term cooperation with our customers
  • Construction and strategic integration with our business partners
  • solid and long-term positioning of our company in the market
  • permanent and satisfied staff

We strive to become an internationally renowned company that enjoys the respect and reputation of its customers and business partners.

Own network and long-term partners

With our own human resources and a network of long-term partners, we offer design and engineering services in the fields of civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. This enables us to offer engineering, production and installation under one roof.

  • Installation of pipelines
  • Assembly of mechanical conveyor systems
  • Installation services of structures and conveyor systems
  • Construction of steel structures
  • Welding
  • Silo installation
  • Installation services of conveyors and storage systems
  • Installation of photovoltaic module
  • Electrical Installations

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